Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


The University Library as the repository of resources shall seek to extend easy access, provide the venue and render quality service and relevant resources for the benefit of all constituents.


The University Library’s primary responsibility is to provide information support to the teaching and learning  processes, research and extension service activities of  the students, faculty and other members of the academic community using organized, relevant resources and fast delivery of information services.

In line with the Vision and Mission of the University, the library shall achieve the following goals and objectives.


  1. The foremost provider of information resources to support the academic requirements of our students and professional development for faculty, staff and researchers.
  2. The foremost provider of information resources to support the teaching and research functions of our students, faculty, staff and researchers.
  3. A teaching library engaged in the development of the information research skills of students, faculty, staff and researchers.
  4. A preserver and developer of collection and archives essential to faculty and student researches.


  1. To acquire printed and non-printed resources and other instructional materials in line with the demands of the curriculum and the needs of the clientele and to organize these materials for effective use.
  2. To guide the clientele on the choice of resources and other learning materials for personal and curricular purposes.
  3. To develop clientele’s skill and resourcefulness on the use of printed and non-printed resources in the library and to encourage the habit of personal investigation.
  4. To help every library clientele establish a wide range of significant interests.
  5. To provide aesthetic experience and develop appreciation of the arts.
  6. To encourage lifelong education through the use of library resources.
  7. To encourage social attitudes and provide experience in a social and democratic living.
  8. To include provisions for physical, social aspects and professional development of staff.
  9. To work cooperatively and constructively with the entire university constituents.