Virtual Library Section

Virtual library becomes the trend in libraries around the globe. In the Philippine setting with small libraries, the establishment of a virtual library is upraising with the drive of leveling up library services.

Back then, the ULRC information technology section remains at its merely not so inviting room with CRT computers, low-speed internet connectivity, traditional-mono block chairs. Not until in 2019 when the URLC got a generous budget for over-all refurbishment.

Student-friendly services are being offered as low-cost quality printing, free utilization of computer units, well-lighted and well ventilated, provision of modern tables and chairs for computer work station, modern high-chairs for those who opt to stay inside the section while using their laptops or smartphones, provision of high-speed internet connectivity, window selection of educational CDs and DVDs for viewing. Kenneth G. Calaoagan

Keywords: Information technology, Virtual library, Library users