USM-Libungan Library

The University of Southern Mindanao (USM), a level four state university in the country, has a mandate to provide quality education to the southern part of the Philippines. In fulfilling its mandate, university president Dr. Francisco Gil Garcia together with the Local Government Unit of Libungan under the leadership of Honorable Mayor Christopher T. Cuan, have come up with the establishment of another campus in the municipality. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the university and LGU Libungan to put up the USM Libungan Campus was signed on August 5, 2019, and it was witnessed by Commission on Higher Education Region 12 Director Engr. Ronaldo A. Levita . President Garcia assigned Dr. Jacinta T. Pueyo as the campus’ head.

University of Southern Mindanao Libungan Campus has its own library that serves as the academic resources and services which covers the curricular offerings such as Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business. Few reference materials are housed in the library for the students and faculty to browse, read and research.

Through the years, USM had already put up five campuses; Kabacan Main Campus, Buluan Campus, Kidapawan City Campus, Alamada Campus, and Libungan Campus.

USM Libungan Library Collections

The USM-Main Library headed by Dr. Anita C. Sornito, initiated the provision of some collections to USM Libungan. The collection includes 248 volumes, and 48 titles of magazines and journals, 230 volumes , and 23 titles of CHED books. Here are the following collections of the USM Libungan Library:


No. of copiesTitlesDate
1 copyBenchmark: The Official Magazine of the Supreme Court Public Information Office, vol.3, n.4, Special Issuen.d.
1 copyAll About Feed, vol. 26, no.82018
1 copyAll About Feed, vol. 26, no.92018
1 copyBeyond Today: a magazine of understandingNov-Dec 2018
1 copyContact: The University of Queensland Alumni and Community MagazineWinter 2018
1 copyDairy Global, vol. 5, no. 52018
1 copyDeutschland EditionNov. 2018
1 copyGut Health: protecting animals and securing profitsn.d.
2 copiesJournal of Taiwan Agricultural Research, vol.67, no.42018
2 copiesThe PCAARRD Farmnews, vol. 6, no. 3July-Sep 2017
1 copyThe PCAARRD Farmnews, vol. 7, no.1Jan-Mar 2018
1 copyThe PCAARRD Farmnews, vol. 7, no.2Apr-June 2018
1 copyThe PCAARRD Farmnews, vol.7, no.3Jul-Sep 2018
1 copyPoultry World, vol. 34, no. 72018
1 copyPoultry World, vol.34, no.82018
2 copiesSustainable Livestock Farming, Oct-18
1 copyWord from JerusalemSep-Oct 2018
1 copyWorld’s Poultry Science Journal, vol.74, no.4Dec. 2018
4 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.15 No.1January-June 2007
2 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol. 20 No.1January-June 2012
2 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.19 No.2July-December 2011
5 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.15 No.2July-December 2007
5 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.17 No.2July-December 2009
10 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.19 No.1January-June 2011
2 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.13 No.2July-December 2005
4 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.17 No.1January-June 2009
10 copyUSM R&D Journal Vol.16 No.2July-December 2009
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.38 No.2April-June 2018
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.30 No.2June 28,2010
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.28 No.4December 23,2008
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.28 No.31-Oct-08
2 copyUSM Monitor Vol.38 No.1January-March
3 copyUSM Monitor Vol.36 No.31-Oct-16
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.25 No.4Dec-05
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.27 No.211-Apr-07
5 copyUSM RDEP Monitor Vol.27 No.4Dec-07
7 copyUSM Rdep Monitor Vol.27 No.1January
6 copyUSM Newsletter Vol.23 No.2October 1,2008
6 copyUSM Monitor Vol.35 No.3October 1,2015
5 copyUSM Rdep Monitor Vol.29 No.2July 2,2009
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.37 No.3Oct-17
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.36 No.12017
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.38 No.4Oct-Dec 2018
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.37 No.2Jul-17
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.36 No.4February 28,2017
5 copyUSM Monitor Vol.37 No.4Jan-18
5 copy45th Foundation Anniversary University of Southern Mindanao Kabacan, Cotabaton.d
10 copyAbstract Bibliography of USM Undergraduate Research: 2007-2008n.d
10 copiesBasics of Logic2004
10 copiesBasic Communication and Thinking Skills for College 2003
10 copiesCollege Algebra2005
10 copiesDiscourses on the 1987 Philippine Constitution2005
10 copiesEffective Writing2004
10 copiesEffective Study and Thinking Skills2003
10 copiesFundamentals of Environmental Science2004
10 copiesFundamentals of Statistics2003
10 copiesGeneral Sociology2003
10 copiesMan, Values, and Work Ethics2004
10 copiesPagbasa at Pagsulat sa Ibat-ibang Disiplina2003
10 copiesPhilippine Government and Constitution2004
10 copiesPhilippine Literature2004
10 copiesPlane Trigonometry2003
10 copiesRetorika: Mabisang Pagpapahayag sa Kolehiyo2003
10 copiesResearch and Technical Writing2003
10 copiesSimplified College Algebra2004
10 copiesSining ng Mabisang Komunikasyon2004
10 copiesSpeech for Effective Communication2003
10 copiesSpeech for Effective Communication in various situations2004
10 copiesValues and Work Ethics2003
10 copiesWorld Literature2004
10 copiesTechnical writing and reporting2004