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As the saying goes, “There is no permanent in this world, everything has it changes.” This is described with the transformation of an old storage to a house of knowledge, wisdom and power the ULS LIBRARY. And this will not be possible without the persistence of the license librarian who is Dielita M. Garcia. She initiated the cleaning of the storage and asked help to the Student Body Organization for the painting of the tables, chairs and cabinets. She also consulted and asked financial assistance from the former principal Ret. Prof. Rogelio E. Mendoza for the tiling and painting and repairing the whole library. From then on, donations overflowed. The Director of Libraries, Anita C. Sornito, donated sala set, 1 set of computer and sixty seven volume of books. Dr. Andrew A. Tangonan, ULS alumnus batch 1993 donated 15 titles of Chemistry Books which is handed by the mother, Dr. Evangeline A. Tangonan. Through the initiative of the librarian and with the budget approved by the university Pres. Francisco Gil N. Garcia, they have bought additional set of books, computer for the library user’s electronic log in, installed WIFI for the easy access of important information.

Through hard work and proper planning, the librarian really made it happen. Now, the ULS library houses a collection of books for Junior and Senior high school and other content that serves common use to meet the educational information and recreational needs of both learners and teachers.

The ULS library also aims to meet the academic needs of the ULS institution. Besides serving students in their studies and teachers in their research tool, ULS library aims at creating interest in reading among the students who get the best resources and environment. It also answer that the design, modern tools and strategies of the ULS library change with the changing times.

As it said, if you have informative queries, go to ULS Library, it opens 7:00 am    – 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm   – 6:00 pm from Monday – Thursday and surely the librarian will serve you at her best. Dielita M. Garcia

ULS Library Before

ULS Library After