Technical Section

Statistics of existing library book holdings bared

Below is the statistical representation of book collection vis a vis Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme in the light of the  Collection Development Policy Statement of the ULRC.  Challenges in collection development is prevalent.  Some of these issues and concerns lie on budget limitation, availability of the requested materials in the market, and prioritization based on demands.  Despite of this scenario, the University through its approved PPMP in a particular year,  acquired through purchase, gifts, and donations from various sources and other linkages which resulted in balancing of the collection of printed and non-printed to include and not limited to  Ejournals, Ebooks, audio-visual materials, and other electronic sources. Through the active participation of the members of the University Library Committee, faculty members had a chance to select books concerning their curricular needs.   Book Fair and live selection were among the mode in the acquisition process.  

To assess the current collection, physical and electronic inventory using the Follett Destiny Library manager system is being conducted to ensure the monitoring of its physical condition,  status, usability, currency, book utilization and availability. Table below shows the performance of books acquired  under 600-699 on applied sciences got the highest number due the  reason that most of the courses fall under this classification to include Agriculture, Engineering, Management , and Medical Sciences . Susan S. Martinez