Rules and Regulations

A. Online appointment confirmation and USM ID for all employees and students must be presented at the Information Counter upon entry.  Same will also be presented to the lending counter whenever any library material is to be borrowed.

B. Observe standard health protocols  upon entry in the library.

C. Observe SILENCE. Talking aloud and making other unnecessary noise must be avoided.

D. KEEP THE LIBRARY CLEAN. Do not litter tables or floors with waste papers and other scraps; use the trash boxes provided for this purpose.

E. BRINGING OF BAGS INSIDE THE READING AREA IS PROHIBITED. Bags and other belongings must be deposited at the baggage counter near the entrance of the library. Laptop bags are allowed and subject for inspection by the Information Desk Officer .

F. Handle books and other library materials with care. They are intended to serve many users in the library.

G. No student is allowed to borrow any library material unless he/she has a validated USM ID.

H. Books borrowed for home use must be properly processed by the librarian.

I. Borrowed books inside the reading area should not be returned to the shelves. Students are advised to leave borrowed books on the book drop box designated in each section for book sanitation and quarantine.

J. Upon exit, students must:

i. Open and show contents of bag, folder, envelope, etc.

ii. Show the date due slip of book/s borrowed.

iii. Unauthorized taking out of the library materials is a violation of the library’s rules and regulations.

Remote access

a. Password for remote access to subscribed online sources of the USM Libraries is issued only to currently enrolled students, faculty members, professionals, administrators, and staff of the University.

b. Users of the USM Library’s online sources must not divulge or give away the user IDs and passwords to other individuals.

c. Persons who violate this guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.

Rules on Circulation

a. Only books from the General circulation and Filipiniana circulation Section may be borrowed for home use.

b. Library users from other campuses of the University may borrow books from the KEPLRC through the Inter-Library Loan Program of the different USM Libraries. (Please contact your unit’s library for more information).

c. The user is accountable for the materials being borrowed.

d. The number of books that may be borrowed and the duration of the loan depend on the classification of the user:

i. Student (undergraduate and graduate) is allowed to  borrow three (3) books at a time for 3 weeks. It is subject for renewal for another 3 weeks  if it’s not requested.

ii. Faculty members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 10 books (5 circulation and 5 Filipiniana) for a period of one  semester only.

e. Other materials may only be used within the library such as:

i. General Reference Books

ii. Filipiniana Reference Books

iii. Serials Collection

iv. Undergraduate & graduate theses and dissertations

v. Non-print collection