Rules and Regulations


Who may borrow?

  1. Students – refer to both graduate and undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at the University of Southern Mindanao both in main, USM-KCC and Buluan campuses.
  2. Administration, faculty and non-teaching personnel Members of the Administrative Council, Faculty and Non-teaching personnel of the University.


  1. Alumni, researchers, traveling lecturers and professors. They can make use of the library provided that they will present any ID Card and secure Library Permit to Research from

Schedule of Library Services

Regular Term
Monday – Friday (No noon break)
8:00 – 5:00 PM
Summer Term
Monday – Thursday (with noon break)
8:00 – 12:00 NN1:00 – 5:00 PM

3. Rules in the use of the Library

  1. USM School ID for all employees and validated Automated Library Identification Card (ALIC) for the students must be presented at the Information Counter upon entry. Same will also be presented to the lending counter whenever any library material is to be borrowed.
  2. Observe SILENCE. Talking aloud and making other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  3. KEEP THE LIBRARY CLEAN. Do not litter tables or floors with waste papers and other scraps; use the trash boxes provided for this purpose.
  4. SMOKING is not permitted in the University Library.
  5. KEEP THINGS IN ORDER. Return newspapers and magazines in their proper places.
  6. BRINGING OF BAGS INSIDE THE READING AREA IS PROHIBITED. Bags and Umbrellas must be deposited at the baggage counter near the entrance of the library. Laptop bags are allowed and subject for inspection by the Guard.
  7. Handle books and other library materials with care. They are intended to serve many users after you.
  8. No student is allowed to borrow any library material unless he/she has a validated library ID.
  9. All Library patrons must deposit their Library Cards upon entering the stock room. Books borrowed for home use must be properly processed by the librarian.
  10. Borrowed books inside the reading area should not be returned to the shelves. Students are advised to leave borrowed books on the book trucks or to the librarian. This is to avoid the possibility of books being mis-shelved.
  11. Student must get back his/her Library Card upon returning the borrowed materials, like books, journals, etc. The Library will not assume responsibility for loss Library Card.
  12. Upon exit, students must:
  • Open and show contents of bag, folder, envelope, etc.
  • Show the date due slip of book/s borrowed.

 4. Rules on Circulation

  1. CIRCULATION BOOKS – Each borrower is allowed to borrow three (3) books at a time for 3 weeks. It is subject for renewal for another 3 days if it’s not requested. This is to be closely monitored by the Computerized Circulation Borrowing System.
  2. RESERVE FILIPINIANA BOOKS – These are strictly for “inside the library use only”. These can be photocopied upon request with the permission from the Librarian on duty.
  3. REFERENCE BOOKS – These are general and subject references such encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, yearbooks, atlases, etc. and to be read only inside the library and not to be circulated for home use.
  4. SERIAL COLLECTION – These are collections of Periodicals, non-book materials, theses, etc. and strictly for room use only. USM faculty members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 10 books (5 circulation and 5 Filipiniana) for a period of one semester only. Books borrowed must be returned on or before the end of the semester. Faculty Reminder Slip is issued for faculty who failed to return the borrowed books on time.

5. Fines and Other Penalties

  1. For overdue books – a fine of P1.00 for the first hour and P0.50 for every hour thereafter (whenever the book is overdue).
  2. Taking out periodical from the library without the knowledge of the librarian will pay twice the current value.
  3. Lost or damaged book – When a book is lost, it should be reported immediately to the librarian. However, this does not exempt the borrower from paying the fines of overdue. Lost or damaged book must be replaced with the same book (Same title and author) or paid twice the current price of the book. A processing fee of 10% is added for any replaced book.
  4. A fine of P35.00 is imposed for any request of Library Card replacement. Lost Library Card requires Affidavit of Loss from the Records Division upon filing new ALIC.
  5. The ALIC is non-transferable. Anyone found guilty of lending his/her ALIC to others will be subject to a fine of 20.00.
  6. Failure to surrender the ALIC upon transfer/separation/ graduation will be subject to a penalty of P20.00.
  7. Any library user who shall willfully tear, deface, mutilate or steal library properties shall be subjected to the judicial discretion of the librarian.
  8. Fines must be paid to the Readers Services Librarian. Students are advised to ask for an O.R. duly signed by the In-charge. For unpaid accounts, students must acknowledge in the Students’ Account Record at the Circulation Section.
  9. Students caught stealing or destroying library materials are subject for disciplinary action or suspension from the library accordingly.

Issuance of the Automated Library Identification Card (ALIC)

A. For In-coming First Year students

  1. A.1. An Automated Library Identification Cards are issued upon presentation of Assessment/Enrollment Form. Official Receipt will be issued by the Readers Services Librarian upon payment of P35.00. The OR will then be presented at the Technical Section. Student’s signature must be reflected before lamination. Laminated ALIC will be released one day after the filing.
  2. A.2. Filing and releasing of the Automated Library Identification Card must be done at the Office of the Technical Services Department.

B. For Higher Years

  1. B.1. Request for ALIC requires the usual presentation of Assessment/Enrollment Form and payment of P35.00 (includes lamination).
  2. B.2 Lost Library Card must be reported at the Office of the Director for immediate replacement. Request for new LIC will be issued upon presentation of the following:
  • Affidavit of Loss
  • Assessment/Enrollment Form
  • P35.00 (Refer to Rule #5, D)

Library materials especially those which cannot be borrowed for home reading may be photocopied except graduate and undergraduate theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Books for photo duplication is not to be loaned out, except when there is power failure in the library area. The library has its own photocopying machine.

Any violation under the Library rules is regarded as an offense under the University Rules of Conduct.