Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies

“IMEAS Library Conducts Orientation to the IMEAS Freshmen Students”

In coordination with the IMEAS-LSG, the Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies (IMEAS) conducts its College-based orientation to the IMEAS Freshmen Students last August 09, 2019 wherein the IMEAS Library was part of the program. The purpose of the college-based library orientation was to provide more detailed and comprehensive presentation about the governing rules, regulations and the services that IMEAS library has to offer, as well as the uses and contributions of the library in the teaching-learning process of the students while studying at IMEAS.

“IMEAS Library: Touching Lives through its Services, Collections and Facilities”

One of the notable quotes from Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, 2nd president of India – “Library is the heart of every institution” made the impression that library plays a vital role as an indispensable tool of learning process. Every Library houses both print and non-print materials are very helpful and useful to all members of the institution. The Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies (IMEAS) Library has an inevitable contribution to the IMEAS community to become keen readers, providing them with life-long learning skills and improving students’ academic performances. IMEAS Library offers useful collection of books, theses and serials, as well as its services and facilities for effective teaching-learning process and research that suits to their information needs. From A.Y. 2018-2020, IMEAS Library saw a gradual development in terms of collections, services and facilities in support to the program of Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies and BS International Relations and other related courses. The utilization of the IMEAS Library has a significant increase each year which indicates that more users have known the importance of library to their study. Before I end this article, let me give you a very famous line by Neil Gaiman: “Google will bring you back, you know, a hundred thousand answers. A librarian will bring you back the right one.” Jikiri M. Entol