Graduate School Library

All About the Graduate School Library: Its Services, Facilities, and Collections

As the library is the heart of every institution, the Graduated School Library is build and created to serve the graduate students in their reference and research needs. Over the years, the Graduate School library has offered services, acquire facilities, and expand the collections.

In terms of services, the library offers reference service where students can ask the librarian for assistance in locating books, theses and other materials. Borrowing service is also available for students who want to lend books for a week. To keep the students informed of what is new in the library, the library has Selected Dissemination of Information or SDI services where new acquisitions, announcements and other library information updates are displayed in the library bulletin board. Library orientation program is also conducted every month of August to make the students aware of library services. The Graduate School Library is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

In terms of facilities, the library has acquired 5 functional computers with internet connection where students can utilize them in their study and research works. Wi-Fi is also offered using their own gadgets and can access the internet using their account from the ICTC department.

Moreover, the library develops its collection by acquiring to more books, theses and dissertations, serials, and other materials for the use of students, faculty and staff, administration, and researchers. The library utilized the financial resources allocated by the USM administration for the purchase of new books as required by the curriculum to meet the demands of the library users.

Since March 2019, there are 116 new books acquired which are related to agriculture, animal science, agronomy, biology, business, economics, education, English language and literature, management, research, statistics, and others. Aidalou V. Esonsa

Graduate School Library New Acquisition

Here are the complete list of new books for 2019 -2020.

SubjectTitle of BookCopyright
AgricultureA manual of gardening : instruction, guideline and technique by Surinder Bhanot, published by Random Publications2016
AgricultureAgriculture and animal husbandry by Gaurav Tyagi, published by Random Publications2017
AgricultureClimate change and crop production edited by Matthew P. Reynolds, published by CAB International2011
AgricultureConcepts of plant anatomy by 3G Elearning2017
AgricultureCrop protection and management edited by Frazer Murphy, published by Larsen & Keller2017
AgricultureCrops in pots :50 cool containers planted with fruit, vegetables and herbs by Bob Purnell, published by Octopus Publishing Group2016
AgricultureHow to plant a garden : design tips, ideas and planting schemes for year-round interest by Matt James, published b Octopus Publishing2016
AgricultureNutrition of fruit trees by Pankaj Goyal, published by Venus Books2014
AgricultureOn vegetables : modern recipes for the home kitchen by Jeremy Fox, published by Phaidon Press2017
AgricultureOrganic farming edited by Cruz Hawkins, published Larsen & Keller2017
AgriculturePractical guide of home gardening : a complete book by Surinder Bhanot, published by Random Publications2016
AgricultureSeed science and technology edited by Percival Rooser, published by Larsen & Keller2017
AgricultureSeed testing by Mahesh Kumar, published by Venus Books2014
AgricultureSoil microbiology and soil biotechnology by Pabba Shiva Krishna, published by Paradise Press2017
AgricultureVegetable production and practices by Surendra Bhanot, published by Random Publications2017
AgricultureIntroduction to agronomy edited by Cassius Foster, published by Larsen & Keller2017
AgriculturePhysiology of plant cells by 3G Elearning2017
AgriculturePlant development and reproduction by Magnum Publishing2016
AgriculturePlants and society by Estelle Levetin, published by McGraw-Hill2016
Animal ScienceAnimal sciences and environmental issues by Wahied Khawar Balwan, published Random Publications2017
Animal ScienceFundaments of animal diseases by Lakshmi Jakka, published by Random Publications2016
Animal ScienceHandbook of poultry diseases by Naresh Mahajan2014
Animal ScienceLivestock production and management edited by Bran Powell, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Animal SciencePoultry management by Satish Vohra, published by Paradise Press2017
BiologyBackyard biology : investigate habitats outside your door with 25 projects by Donna Latham, published by Nomad Press2013
BiologyBiology : concepts and applications without physiology by Cecie Starr, published by Cengage Learning2015
BiologyGeneral biology by Renato A. Dela Pena Jr., published by JFS Publishing Services2016
BiologyParasitology : a conceptual approach edited by Grayson Barker, published by Larsen & Keller2017
BiologyThe biology of parasites by Richard Lucius…[], translated by Renate FitzRoy, published by Wiley-VCH2013
BotanyAn introduction to botany edited by Diago Bell, published by Larsen & Keller2017
BusinessBusiness driven technology by Paige Baltzan, published by McGraw-Hill2015
Cell BiologyIntroduction to cell biology edited by Casper Barnes, published by Larsen & Keller2017
ChemistryIntroductory chemistry edited by Rylan Hayes, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Crop ProtectionInsecticides and pesticides : techniques for crop protection edited by Drew Adams, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Crop ProtectionPrinciples of crop protection edited by Carney Kamden, published by Larsen & Keller2017
EconomicsApplied economics by 3G Elearning2017
EconomicsStatistics for economics by Shahdad Naghschpour, published by Business Expert Press2016
EducationA feminist manifesto for education by Miriam E. David, published by Polity Press2016
EducationBuilding skills for effective primary teaching : a guide for trainees and their mentors by Rachel Paige, published by SAGE Publications2017
EducationChild development : a practical introduction by Kevin Crowley, published by SAGE Publications2017
EducationCurriculum development : a guide for educators by Bill Boyle, published by SAGE Publications2016
EducationCurriculum studies guidebooks : concepts and theoritical framework volume 1 by Marla Morris, published by Peter Lang Publishing2016
EducationCurriculum studies guidebooks : concepts and theoritical framework volume 1 by Marla Morris, published by Peter Lang Publishing2016
EducationEducational psychology by John W. Santrock, published by McGraw-Hill2018
EducationHow to be heard : ten lessons teachers need to advocate for their students and profession by Celine Coggins, published by Jossey-Bass2017
EducationTeaching and the teacher by Gloria G. Salandanan, published by Lorimar Publishing2012
EducationThe ABCs of educational testing : demystifying the tools that shape our schools by James W. Popham, published by Corwin2017
EducationThe rise of quality assurance in Asian hiher education edited by Mahsood Shah, published by Elsevier2017
EducationThe teaching profession by Purita P. Bilbao, published by Lorimar Publishing2015
EnglishA functional discourse grammar for English by Evelien Keize, published by Oxford University Press2015
EnglishApplied English for academic and professional services by Jose Rizal Dapat, published by JFS Publishing Services2016
English GrammarThe syntax of coordination by Robert R. Van Oirsouw, published by Routledge2017
English GrammarWord structure by Richard Coates, published by Routledge2015
English LiteratureEnglish novels by Richa Dewani, published by Random Publications2013
English LiteratureRealism in English literature by Attieed K. Balwan, published by Venus Books2015
EthnographyDoing ethnography by Giampietro Gobo, published by SAGE Publications2017
EtymologyDictionary of word origins by Linda Flavell, published by Kyle Cathie2018
Food ScienceFood science and nutrition edited by Keegan Mason, published by Larsen & Keller2017
GeneticsGenetics? No problem by Kevin O’Dell, published by John Wiley & Sons2017
HorticultureBiodiversity in horticultural crops by Brindra Chauhan, published by Random Publications2016
HorticultureHorticulture : principles and practices edited by Damien Miller, published by Larsen & Keller2017
HorticultureScientific horticulture by Abhishek Guneta, published by Venus Books2014
LanguageTeaching and researching language learning strategies : self-regulation in context by Rebecca L. Oxford, published by Routledge2017
LanguageThe anatomy of language : saying what we mean by Marjorie Boulton, published by Routledge2017
LeadershipIntroduction to leadership : concepts and practice by Peter G. Northouse, published by SAGE Publications2018
LinguisticsAn introduction to sociolinguistics by Ronad Wardhaugh, published by John Wiley & Sons2015
LinguisticsAn introduction to sociolinguistics by Janet Holmes, published by Routledge2017
LinguisticsDoing research in applied linguistics : realities, dilemmas and solutions, published by Routledge2017
LinguisticsLinguistic ethnography : collecting, analyzing and presenting data by Fiona Copland, published by SAGE Publications2015
LinguisticsMaking waves : the story of variationist sociolinguistics by Sali A. Tagliamonte, published by John Wiley & Sons2016
LiteratureLiterary theory : a practical introduction by Michael Ryan, published by John Wiley & Sons2017
LiteratureLiterary theory : an anthology edited by Julie Rivkin, published by John Wiley & Sons2017
ManagementIntroduction to management science edited by Walter Bell, published by Larsen & Keller2017
ManagementManagement by Thomas S. Bateman, published by McGraw-Hill2018
ManagementProduction management edited by Mario McClure, published by Larsen & Keller2017
ManagementProject management : processes and methodologies edited by Tyson Fowler, published by Larsen & Keller2017
ManagementRisk management : a strategic approach edited by Markel Armstrong, published  by Larsen & Keller2017
ManagementThe basics of financial econometrics : tools, concepts, and asset management applications by Frank J. Fabozzi, published by John Wiley & Sons2014
MathematicsMathematics lessons learned from across the world : Grade 7-12 edited by Johnny W. Lott, published by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics2015
MathematicsUnderstanding Mathematics for young children : a guide for teachers of children 3-7 by Derek Haylock, published by SAGE Publications2017
Medicinal PlantsIllustrated handbook of medicinal plants by 3G Elearning2017
Natural DisasterNatural disasters by Patrick L. Abott, published by McGraw-Hill2017
Personnel ManagementExceptional talent : how to attract, acquire and retain the very best employee by Mervyn Dinnen, published by Kogan Page2017
Personnel ManagementHuman resource management edited by Jesse Rose, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Philippine LiteratureKilates : panunuring pampanitikan ng Pilipinas by Rosario Torres Yu, published by The University of the Philippines Press2006
PhysicsFundamentals of physics edited by Leonel Ware, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Plant BreedingPrinciples and techniques of plant breeding edited by Damien Miller, published by Larsen & Keller2017
PsychologyPsychology : an introduction edited by Maximus Ward, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Public AdministrationIntroduction to public administration edited by Goldfrey Edwards, published by Larsen & Keller2017
Research100 activities for teaching research methods by Catherine Dawson, published by SAGE Publications2016
ResearchAction research : improving schools and empowering educators by Craig A. Mertler, published by SAGE Publications2017
ResearchAction research made easy : a practical guide to the preparation of action research in education by Vicoriana P. Bondoc…[], published by Lorimar Publishing2014
ResearchAn introduction to qualitative research : learning in the field by Gretchen B. Rossman, published by SAGE Publications2017
ResearchConducting qualitative research of learning in online spaces by Hannah R. Gerber…[], published by SAGE Publications2010
ResearchCritical approaches to life writing methods in qualitative research by Thalia M. Mulvihill, published by Routledge2017
ResearchDesigning research in education, concepts and methodologies edited by Jon Swain, published by SAGE Publications2017
ResearchDeveloping effective research proposals by Keith F. Punch, published by SAGE Publications2016
ResearchDoing and writing qualitative research by Adrian Holliday, published by SAGE Publications2016
ResearchQualitative inquiry and research design : choosing among five approaches by John W. Creswell, published by SAGE Publications2018
ResearchQuantitative narrative analysis by Roberto Franzosi, published by SAGE Publications2010
ResearchQuantitative research methods for linguistics : a questions and answers approach for students by Tim Grant…[], published by Routledge2017
Science and TechnologyDictionary of science and technology by Jason Nicole, published by Venus Books2016
SociologyEssential concepts in sociology by Anthony Giddens, published by Polity Press2017
SociologyExperience sociology by David Croteau, published by McGraw-Hill2018
SociologyHandbook of the sociology of death, grief and bereavement : a guide to theory and practice edited by Neil Thompson, published by Routledge2017
SociologySocial changes in a global world by Ulrike Schuerkens, published by SAGE Publications2016
SociologySociology and the new materialism : theory, research, action by Nick J. Fox, published by SAGE Publications2017
StatisticsA brief version elementary statistics : a step by step approach by Allan G. Bluman, published by McGraw-Hill2016
StatisticsAn introduction to statistics : an active learning approach by Kieth A. Carlson, published by SAGE Publications2018
StatisticsApplied statistics in business and economics by David P. Doane, published by McGraw-Hill2016
StatisticsIntroductory statistics using SPSS by Herschel Knapp, published by SAGE Publications2017
StatisticsProbability and statistics by Hari Arora, published by S.K. Kataria & Sons2014
WorkLanguage and culture at work by Stephanie Schnurr, published by Routledge2017
WorkOccupational ergonomics : a practical approach by Theresa Stack, published by John Wiley & Sons2016
WorkWill robots take your job? : a plea for consensus by Niegel M. de S. Cameron, published by Polity Press2017
ZoologyIntegrated principles of zoology edited by Will Fisher, published by Larsen & Keller2017