College of Agriculture Library

CA Library then and now

The College of Agriculture Library basically to assist and support the study of the researchers it may be for the research activities of students, other researchers, and faculties. The College of Agriculture Library’s mission is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to knowledge and information. The library caters to the research activity of the researchers with access information they need to learn.

It is the unique space collection mostly used for making outlines and theses/manuscripts, and sometimes the researchers are doing research for their assignments and waiting for the next subject. It also called the place to relax after class.  The CA Library adopted the Dewey Decimal Classification in the arrangement for easy access to the user’s need, and the outline and theses/manuscripts are classified by Major,  by year, and color-coding. And also may be searched on the computer where some of the collections are already encoded.

The library needs to develop as a key to support the learners.  To support the teaching and research activities of students, other researchers, and faculty members. The Director of Libraries Dr. Anita C. Sornito suggested requesting for tiling of the floor. Therefore the College of Agriculture Dean Dr. Josephine R. Migalbin supports the plan for tiling and immediately took an action of it. 

College of Agriculture Library now has a new welcoming place, well ventilated, air-conditioned, and new tiling of the floor. Petche P. Quaique