Brief History

The Mindanao Institute of Technology (MIT) now University of Southern Mindanao (USM), a government land grant for vocational college, was established by virtue of Act No. 763 of the Republic of the Philippines in October 1, 1952.

Along with the establishment of the school it came into existence the growth and expansion of the library

The Library’s nucleus was from the collection of books belonging to the defunct Kabacan Provincial High School for the Foundation and United States Information Services (USIS) based at Davao City. There were also donations from agencies such as Asia Foundation, ICA-NEC, Columbo Plan and other individuals who were enthusiastic to donate books.

During the time of the late Pres. Dominador D. Clemente, the library was improved. At the time, Mrs. Kay Nadel, an expert volunteer, helped organized the library. The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme was adapted in classifying books and other library materials.

In 1970, the library acquired additional 15,000 volumes of books mainly through acquisitions and donations from foreign and local sources. A major breakthrough was achieved during the administration of the former President Dr. Jaman S. Imlan, and worked for the approval of a library building. Through the coming year, there was a significant increase of collections like books and journal through donations from PCARRD.

On September 12, 1989, President Kundo E. Pahm approved the first celebration of the University Library Day. It was highlighted with the laying of a marker at the approved site of the present library building. A new library building was then constructed with a total budget of sixteen million (16 M) pesos.

The year 1994 can be viewed as a big boost to the University Library with the current President, Dr. Virgilio G. Oliva, who committed by improving the library facilities, increase allocation for books, journals and periodicals. He gave top priority to the library, which resulted to the rapid growth of the library collections. As of 1954-2000, the Library acquired a total collection of Thirty one thousand, two hundred thirteen (31,313) volumes of books. The Library automation program was also initiated and funded with the acquisition of computer units and designing of a computer program for high tech information, storage and retrieval.

Head Librarians from 1954 to Present:

1954-1956 – Mr. Miguel Martinez, Asst Instructor/Librarian

1956-1969 – Mrs. Lolita B. Arcedo, Instructor II/Librarian

1969-1970 – Mrs. Kay Nadel, UNESCO Expert/Librarian

1971-1983 –  Mrs. Lolita B. Arcedo, Instructor II/Librarian

1983-1986 – Mrs. Salvacion M. Gapasin, Supervising Librarian

1986-1988 – Mrs. Febe C. Braga, School Librarian/OIC

1988-1990 – Prof. Pilar A. Bautista, Director of Libraries

1990-1994 –  Prof. Pilar A. Bautista, Manager/Library

1994-2001 – Mrs. Celia C. Oria, Chief Librarian

2001-2021 – Dr. Anita C. Sornito, Director, ULRC/Asst. Prof IV

2021-Present – Prof. Susan S. Martinez, Director of Libraries, KEPLRC